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Water Quality Data Request

Water Quality Data Request Form

Please fill out the form below to request a report of Texas Stream Team water quality data. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed and fulfilled by our staff. Please note, your report will be generated only if there is Texas Stream Team data in your area of interest. Texas Stream Team sites and data can be viewed by the public on our online Datamap.

Location (choose one of the following) *

Date Range

Specific Water Quality Parameters *
(otherwise all available parameters will be included - data may not be available for all parameters)
Includes: pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivtiy, air temperature, water temperature, and field observations
Includes: E. coli average in colony forming units (CFU)
Includes: turbidity, orthophosphate, nitrate-nitrogen, and streamflow
Includes assessments using the Riparian Bull's-Eye Evaluation tool for specific riparian indicators
Includes numeric data to quanitfy the type of macroinvertebrates that were found at a particular waterbody
Purpose of Report *