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Educational Resources

Texas Stream Team

Texas Stream Team has a wide array of environmental education resources, including easily downloadable TEKS-correlated curriculum, Enviroscape watershed model demonstrations, and a water quality monitoring certification program for all grade levels.


The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance is a non-profit coalition of grassroots organizations across the Edwards Aquifer united to preserve the water, wildlife, scenic beauty, and cultural heritage of the Edwards Aquifer and the Texas Hill Country.


GBRA Communications and Education Department works with teachers and the general public to increase their awareness and appreciation of the water and natural resources in the Guadalupe River Basin. A wide variety of materials and formats are used to communicate this information, including the annual report, quarterly newsletter, special focus publications, tours, guest speakers and free education programs that meet all state-mandated requirements, including TEKS and TAKS elements. For more information click here.


The Edwards Aquifer Authority School Education Program is designed to engage students and teachers throughout the region in learning about the Edwards Aquifer and related issues such as water resources and water conservation.

Texas Aquatic Science

A 14-chapter guide for students grades 6 through 12 – From molecules to ecosystems, and headwaters to ocean. See the full resource here.

H2O and Gary Job Corps

This was a pilot program delivered in the fall of 2012 that provided STEM training for Gary Job Corps students by the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment and the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education. The Job Corps is the nation’s largest residential education and vocational training program for economically disadvantaged youth. The Gary Job Corps is the largest Job Corps center in the United States and houses the largest GED program in the state of Texas. Grosvenor Center staff developed curricula in water and aquatic science using Headwaters to Ocean’s (H2O) innovative experiential education materials, enhanced by integration of mobile technology. STEM Corps students were introduced to use of mobile technology, such as iPads. Students learned about water conservation using the iPads. Special educational games and tests on the mobile devices were part of the instruction based on using H2O technologies. Students also learned about watersheds, headwater springs and aquatic species by taking special tours designed for STEM Corps instruction on the Meadows Center’s glass bottom boats.

Geography: Teaching with the Stars

Geography: Teaching with the Stars contributes to geographic education in middle/junior high and high school. At the core of the project is a set of media-based professional development materials, aligned with national and state standards, that will demonstrate to teachers how geographic perspectives, concepts, and skills together with relevant instructional and assessment strategies can be used to improve students’ ability to understand and deal with the geographical aspect of important issues that affect their daily lives. It is designed to provide systematic professional development in geography to middle and high school teachers. It emphasizes pedagogical knowledge and skills as well as content knowledge and applications in geography. Project materials are accessible via a variety of delivery systems, thus making them available to the widest possible audience of those teaching geography. The online, video, and print resource includes teacher resources, forums, student resources, facilitator’s guide, workshops and more. Water-specific topics include Watersheds Unit, Agriculture and Water, and Tidewaters.