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Partners & Supporters

We offer our sincerest gratitude to the many individuals and institutions who support our work.

Permanent Endowment Donors

A.B. Rogers Family

James A Buddy Davidson Charitable Foundation

Kathie and Ed Cox Jr.

The Meadows Foundation


Mike Abbott

Dan Alden

Lauren Bancale

Jay Barr

Mike Bendel

Scott B. Birkey

Rebecca Bond

Rusty Branch

Barbara E. Breier

Lt. Col. John A. Breier

Chuck Bucek

Matthew I. Carson

Christi Conlee

Staci L. Cooper

Michael F. Cummings

James Dodson

Trina Eilers

Christy G. Etter-Esse

Individuals Cont. 

Matthew O. Garza

Sie Haverlah

Holly A. Hirsch

Rachelle R. Horner

Brooks Hull

Melissa J. Hyatt

Lauren N. Ibarra

Lt. Dennis Gutierrez III

Scott Jones

Ed Frazee, Jr.

Mark D. Kacer

David L. King

Lee C. Lancaster

Tom Madden

Jason P. Martina

Vera Martinovich

John C. Mashburn

Martina Mauldin

Kimberly Meitzen

Walter Meitzen

Sean Melvin

Holly A. Messler

Patti Pulis

Rick R. Reyna

Lois Richter

Shirley A. Rogers

April Rose

Drew R. Russell

Brett Silverberg

Ryan K. Spencer

Todd H. Votteler

Mira L. Wait

Kathryn A. Weiser

Wendy Weiss

Mona C. Wells

Arnie Wilenken

Rebecca K. Worden

Partner Spotlight

BlueTriton Brands group shot with Meadows Center staff at Spring Lake.

Making Waves in Water Sustainability

Since 2018, the Meadows Center and BlueTriton Brands, Inc. have been working together to ensure the long-term sustainability of Texas' water resources. Through this collaboration, we’re amplifying community science initiatives across the state and enhancing sustainability education at Spring Lake.