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Water Grand Challenges

Water Grand Challenges

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Launched in 2012, the Water Grand Challenges Initiative brings together an influential and diverse group of stakeholders representing legislative, landowner, business, environmental and philanthropic interests to grapple with urgent issues outside the normal envelope of water policy makers.

Today, the Water Grand Challenges Initiative continues to convene to find creative solutions for both short-term and long-term challenges that inhibit the sustainability of Texas’ water resources for the future. The stakeholder group has identified six long-term water grand challenges for Texas, which include:

  1. Providing adequate and sustainable water supplies for all Texans, allowing a thriving future for the state
  2. Ensuring scientifically-sound environmental flows are equally prioritized within an enforceable regulatory framework
  3. Sustainably managing our surface water and groundwater resources to meet current and future needs while avoiding unacceptable impacts
  4. Investing in water resources to efficiently meet human and environmental needs
  5. Cultivating awareness and stewardship of our vulnerable water resources
  6. Ensuring all Texas waters are clean, healthy, and life-sustaining

These challenges constitute an ambitious set of long-term goals that can be advanced through short-term actions. Making progress on the six long-term water challenge goals requires patience, strategy and a multi-faceted approach. To advance our goals, the stakeholder group is developing theories of change for each challenge and identifying long-term goals as well as quantifiable next steps to advance each challenge.