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Citizen Scientist Participation Release

Citizen Scientist Participation Release

The below must be read and signed by all trainees in order to participate in the Texas Stream Team program. If the trainee is a minor (under the age of 18), a legal guardian or adult supervisor must read the form, sign, and attend all phases of the Texas Stream Team Citizen Scientist Training with the minor.

Citizen Scientist Commitment Statement

As a Texas Stream Team citizen scientist, volunteers participate in the collection of accurate and objective environmental information at one or more approved site(s), for the monitoring duration and frequency recommended by Texas Stream Team per the specific training type. The environmental information that you obtain is to be provided to Texas Stream Team as soon as possible after collection. Signature of this document signifies that you have received, reviewed, and consent to abide by the contents of the Texas Stream Team Citizen Scientist Program Surface Water Quality Monitoring Project Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). The QAPP describes quality assurance, quality control, data management and reporting, and other technical activities that must be implemented to ensure the results of work performed will satisfy stated performance criteria. When collecting data, it is required that you follow the procedures demonstrated during the Texas Stream Team Citizen Scientist Training. It is required that you conduct your environmental monitoring in a safe manner that will protect you and those working with or near you. It is also required that you obey all laws and not trespass on private property. Access to private property is prohibited unless granted in writing by the landowner, with specific documentation submitted to Texas Stream Team before monitoring activities begin.

Equipment Loan Agreement

I, for myself, my heirs, and executors do hereby assume responsibility for the safety and care of all equipment, materials, and supplies loaned or entrusted to me, and agree to transport, store, and use such equipment, materials, and/or supplies in a prudent and reasonable manner; to take such action as necessary to reduce the possibility of damage to, of, or from such equipment. I agree, upon verbal or written demand of Texas State University (TXSTATE)/Texas Stream Team or their authorized delegate, to return said equipment within five days of such demand to Texas Stream Team.

Liability Release

I understand and agree that by participating in this program, I am not acting on behalf of TXSTATE, the Texas State University System (TSUS), the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), or any Texas Stream Team partner in any official capacity. I understand and agree that as an individual participating in this program, I am not an employee, agent, servant, or representative of TXSTATE, TSUS, TCEQ, or any partner for any purpose.

I understand and am aware of the risks and hazards involved with the various activities to be performed by volunteers participating in this program. Additionally, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the legally binding Participation Release and Indemnity form - Adult or Participation Release Indemnity form - Minor, which governs all activities of TSUS, and have signed it voluntarily as my own free act.

If you're a parent guardian filling this out for your minor list the minors full name here.
I agree to the terms herein *