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Watershed Modeling and Scenario Analysis

These projects focus on development of watershed models, decision support systems, and approaches for developing and analyzing development scenarios in watersheds. The goal is two-fold, including encouragement of participatory approaches to watershed management, and development of spatial and modeling tools to inform land and water management decision-making. Future projects on a larger spatial basis also are anticipated.

  • Watershed Modeling, Decision Support System and Scenario Analysis for an Urbanizing Watershed in South Coastal Texas – Developed by Dr. Vince Lopes, IWS Associate Director, and funded by the US EPA, the goal of this ongoing project is to develop systemic approaches to water resources management that collectively address conflicting perspectives regarding the value of preserving the quality of life, environmental integrity, and need for continued urban expansion and economic growth. Further background is available in the background publication: Vogl, A. 2010. A Systems Approach to Modeling and Impact Assessment in an Urbanizing Watershed. PhD Dissertation, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA.