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Wimberley Library One Water Expansion

wimberley village library
Wimberley Village Library

Project Summary

The Meadows Center's Watershed Services Team and the Wimberley Village Library District Board of Trustees have partnered to launch a new One Water project for the Wimberley Valley community. With technical support from the Meadows Center, the planned 15,000-square-foot library expansion and 3.8-acre lot will be designed for both water conservation and water quality protection while serving as a community laboratory and educational resource.

Plans to expand the library began due to the area’s growing population and the Wimberley community’s increasing use of its services. Since it was formed in 1976, the Wimberley Village Library has been enlarged three times as a result of an increasing demand for services. The planned expansion will provide more space for children and young adult programs and activities as well as provide additional no-cost meeting space for the community. The library also envisions adding to their educational focus with information on water conservation while demonstrating best practices. 

One Water is a water planning and management approach that rethinks how water moves through and is used in a community; it brings stakeholders like developers, community leaders, urban planners, water managers and engineers together with the goal of utilizing water as thoughtfully and efficiently as possible.

The library’s One Water renovation supports continued implementation of the Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan with best management practices anticipated to include rainwater harvesting, HVAC condensate collection and green stormwater infrastructure like permeable pavers, xeriscape and rain gardens.

Project Resources


This project was funded by the Wimberley Village Library District Board of Trustees with Meadows Center services supported by a Clean Water Act, Sec. 319 grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.