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Group Tour Reservation Form

Group Tour Reservations for 15 or More People (10 for Scouts)

Thank you for your interest in our group tours. To book a tour, please fill in the following information. Group reservations should be made 2 weeks in advance.  When your information has been processed, we will e-mail you a confirmation form. Please note that your tour has not been booked unless you receive a confirmation form. We look forward to having your group!

Please register early and provide alternate dates in case your first choice is full. Thank you!

Length of Tour *
Type of Tour *
Has your School or Organization booked a field trip with us before? *
Is your group a non-profit organization? *
Are you planning to eat lunch on our grounds? (If yes, bring sack lunches and picnic blankets) *
Would you like the gift shop to be open for your group?

By filling out this form you are committing to reserve this tour and will get a confirmation via email (or a list of alternate dates if the date you want it full).  If you need to cancel a reservation you must contact us in advance.

The Meadows Center's Spring Lake Education Program is an evidence-based research program that is actively collecting data. Your group or field trip will participate in activities and educational modules for research, training, and promotional purposes. All data collected will be strictly anonymous. 

Please be advised that the program/activity and all visitors must be in compliance with Texas State University's policies and procedures including, UPPS 04.05.15. All Policies and Procedures can be found on the Texas State University website.