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Quality Control Process for Group Leaders/Data Managers

Quality Control Process for Group Leaders and Data Managers

Follow the following steps to review your group’s data:

1. From the Data tab, select the list Group Leader: Data Quality Review in the View drop-down menu.

Step 1

2. A list of data records awaiting quality control (QC) appears.

Step 2

3. Select Edit to review a record. Review the record and make corrections, if necessary, then check the Data Reviewed by Group Leader box and click Save.

Step 3

4. Records that have been reviewed are removed from the list.


  • Data entered prior to June 2019 has been marked already as Reviewed by Group Leader.
  • Either the site or the citizen scientist entering the data must be associated with your group for it to display. Please submit a case if all your sites are not appearing in your Data Quality Review list view.