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Dataviewer and Datamap

Dataviewer and Datamap

Texas Stream Team Waterways Dataviewer

Texas Stream Team offers the data entry platform Waterways Dataviewer for account holders who input data and the public Datamap for non-account holders to view Texas Stream Team sites and water quality data.

If you need a Waterways Dataviewer account, please have your group leader or data manager submit a Dataviewer Account Request Form. For data and sites related to the Colorado River, please refer to the Colorado River Watch Network.

Group leaders: Let us know which account to set up as a group account. It can be an existing account or a new one. Please note we can only have one account per group set up as a group account. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Did you know Texas Stream Team data is accessible to the public through our online interactive Datamap?

You can download the data yourself directly through our Datamap. Or, If you have a particular area of interest where you would like to see Texas Stream Team data in a simplified report, fill out our Water Quality Data Request Form.

Recent Updates (last updated April 2021)

  • Very soon the Dataviewer user interface will be updating to the Lightning Experience. This update will provide a modern look and feel and a more intuitive user experience to further streamline your experience. Some highlights include:

    • Mobile and tablet friendly
    • New user homepage - a dynamic, customizable homepage adaptable to your preferences
    • New user interface - a modern look that is more flexible and efficient that the classic layout with enhanced visuals, reduced need to navigate across multiple pages, and drag and drop feature for attaching files
    • For Group accounts:
      • Enhanced reports, charts, and dashboards - new, modern design with greater functionality across the board
      • Greater accessibility - increased control over making adjustments to suit your needs such as dashboard management, share list views with your team, and a setup menu allowing you to access email templates, data import wizard, and more.

    Here is a brief video tutorial that will go over some of the basic differences in design that will be helpful for you to locate the information and data that you will use to perform your usual tasks.

  • Please note that Group Name and Citizen Scientist's Name(s) are required fields for all data forms.

    Selecting the Group Name ensures that the group data manger can view all their group's data and quality check it. Data must be reviewed by the group data manager before it is available to view. If you are not part of a group, enter Texas Stream Team.

    The Citizen Scientist's Name(s) field enables us to ensure that the effort of those who do not enter data is recognized.

  • Sites not sampled in the last 12 months (24 months for Riparian Evaluation and Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment data) are considered inactive and available for monitoring. Entering data for an inactive site or a newly created site will update its status to active.

    Once data is available for a site, it will be included on the Datamap, which is updated with the previous month's data at the beginning of every month.


*This page is updated regularly as we receive feedback from our citizen scientists and partners. (Last updated May 26, 2021)


Waterways Dataviewer Version 1.0 Release Date May 7, 2018