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Trainer Training

A Texas Stream Team citizen scientist trainer is a certified monitor who has completed the training necessary to lead Texas Stream Team citizen scientist training sessions. Citizen scientists can become certified trainers for the Standard Core, Probe Core, E.coli, Advanced, Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment, and  Riparian Evaluation trainings.

A Texas Stream Team trainer is encouraged to participate in and/or lead at least two citizen scientist training sessions per year and provide information on these training sessions to Texas Stream Team in the form of completed citizen scientist training packets. Becoming certified as a Texas Stream Team trainer not only increases the scope of your involvement, but also helps Texas Stream Team to provide your community with the resources to become more engaged in water quality and environmental stewardship.

Becoming Certified as a Texas Stream Team Trainer

The Texas Stream Team Trainer Training is a four-phase process that introduces trainees to Texas Stream Team training procedures and processes alongside a certified trainer. This begins by instructing trainer trainees on how to effectively communicate key water resource concepts and information about Texas Stream Team and Texas Stream Team partners to training participants. Trainer trainees also practice explaining and demonstrating the collection of data, ensuring adherence to data quality objectives, conducting field observations, and other essential monitoring skills. At the end of a training session, trainer trainees practice collecting training packets, monitoring forms, Measures of Success surveys, and other necessary paperwork. Trainer trainees learn and practice these skills alongside a certified Texas Stream Team trainer.

Once a trainer completes all four phases of the trainer certification process, the trainee must sign and date, and then the trainer in which the trainee learned under will sign and date before submitting to Texas Stream Team. We will keep these forms for our records and will provide a certificate outlining this trainer status.  

  • Trainer trainees must have successfully completed and received a certification for whichever Texas Stream Team training they intend to become certified to lead. Trainer trainees are also highly encouraged to have at least 6 months experience actively monitoring a site using the procedures that they intend to become certified to instruct.

  • Trainee assists a certified trainer in planning, coordination, and presenting at one citizen scientist training session. Trainee is introduced to Texas Stream Team training procedures and processes. Trainee practices assisting training participants, demonstrating monitoring techniques, explaining key water resources concepts, and collecting all necessary paperwork at the end of the training event.

  • Trainee plans, coordinates, and presents all phases of one citizen scientist training assisted by a certified Texas Stream Team trainer. Trainer begins by presenting an introduction and explaining important water resource concepts. Trainer then presents, demonstrates and leads all phases of the training. Finally, the trainee concludes the training, collects all necessary paperwork from the participants and submits the training packets, monitoring forms, Measures of Success survey, and any other applicable paperwork to Texas Stream Team.

  • Trainer submits a Texas Stream Team certificate request form for the trainee to Texas Stream Team. The newly certified trainer receives a certificate as a certified Texas Stream Team Trainer the month following completing their training.