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E.coli Bacteria

E.coli  Bacteria Training and Monitoring


water quality emblemE. coli bacteria monitoring involves performing tests for E. coli which can performed at the same sampling time and location as your monthly Core monitoring. E.coli bacteria is measured to determine the relative risk of swimming (contact recreation) in a water body. E. coli is a bacteria that originates from the wastes of warm-blooded animals, and the presence of this bacteria indicates that associated pathogens from waste may be reaching a body of water. Sources of E. coli include inadequately treated sewage, improperly managed animal waste from livestock, pets, aquatic birds and mammals, or failing septic systems.


E. coli Bacteria Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training

Prerequisites: The following prerequisites are required to participate in the E. coli Bacteria training:

Texas Stream Team Standard E. coli bacteria citizen scientists are certified by completing a three-phase training that measures the physical and chemical parameters of water mentioned above.

We ask citizen scientists to make a commitment to monitor at least one site monthly for at least one year. Citizen scientists performing water quality are encouraged to monitor their site(s) monthly at the same time of day each month. For example, a possible monitoring schedule would be the first Saturday of the month at 10:00 am. Adherence to a consistent monitoring time is crucial because the physical and chemical parameters fluctuate over a 24-hour period. Monitoring takes approximately one to two hours depending on the time spent traveling to the site. 

  • Phase I of the training provides an introduction to E. coli Bacteria and the significance of E. coli monitoring. Side-by-side monitoring will be conducted with the certified trainer(s).

  • Phase II of the training allows trainees the opportunity to conduct E. coli Bacteria monitoring procedures in the field with the assistance of the trainer(s). The trainer carefully observes the trainees’ procedures, answers and questions, and corrects obvious mistakes.

  • In Phase III, the trainee conducts the E. coli monitoring and completes the monitoring form without guidance from the Trainer. When the trainer believes that each trainee has successfully completed the three training phases, the training packet is completed, and the liability forms are signed, the trainee is then considered a certified Texas Stream Team E. coli Water Quality Citizen Scientist.