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Watershed Management Plans

Watershed Management Plans

Texas Stream Team places a priority on increasing the amount of citizen scientist activity in areas that are developing or implementing a variety of watershed management plans. Working alongside Watershed Services at The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas Stream Team helps to facilitate community correspondence, stakeholder engagement, and science-based solutions to water quality issues. Texas Stream Team also provides frequent citizen scientist trainings in these areas, with the goal of increasing the amount of citizen scientist monitoring occurring in the surrounding watershed.

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program

A TMDL is a water resource management plan that targets the worst pollutants in a particular stream or body of water. When developing a TMDL, stakeholders define an environmental target and, based on that target, work to develop an implementation plan to mitigate anthropogenic (human-caused) sources of pollution within the watershed.

The goal of a TMDL is to restore the full use of a water body that has limited quality or specific impairments. Texas Stream Team works alongside communities to develop and implement TMDL plans with the goal of improving water quality in impaired or threatened water bodies in Texas. This program is authorized by and created to fulfill the requirements of Section 303 (d) of the federal Clean Water Act.

Current Texas Stream Team TMDL Projects:

Watershed Protection Plans

A watershed protection plan (WPP) is a coordinated framework for implementing prioritized and integrated water quality protection and restoration strategies driven by environmental objectives. Through the WPP process, stakeholders holistically address all of the sources and causes of impairments and threats to both surface and ground water resources within a watershed.

Developed and implemented through diverse, well integrated partnerships, a WPP assures the long-term health of the watershed with strategies for protecting unimpaired waters and restoring impaired waters. Texas Stream Team places a priority on increasing citizen science and community resources in areas currently developing or implementing a WPP. For more information about WPPs, please visit the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board or the EPA's Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters.

Current Texas Stream Team WPP Projects: